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About this site

About ForPatients

ForPatients is an informational resource for patients, their relatives, caregivers or doctors looking for information about clinical trials or specific diseases where Roche/Genentech is doing research.

You will find information about:

  • What clinical trials are and why they are important.
  • What risks and potential benefits clinical trials may have.
  • How Roche/Genentech conduct clinical trials.

For Roche/Genentech sponsored clinical trials started after Dec 2015 or still open for recruitment and not terminated, suspended or withdrawn you will find information about:

  • The clinical trial itself (i.e. duration, type, protocol).
  • Where you can find participating doctors/hospitals.
  • Lay summaries of trial results (if applicable).
  • References to other trusted resources.

This website is for informational purposes only and is not to serve as a diagnostic tool or to replace a visit to a physician.

This website only includes information about Roche/Genentech sponsored clinical trials. Other clinical trials can be found on

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